Welcome to PSMResource

PSMResource LLP was established in September 1997 with an infrastructure embodying many years experience in the Life Insurance and Financial Services Industries.”

Our Mission

We aim to be a one-stop resource network, providing a comprehensive range of support services to cater to the needs of financial advisers and insurance planners in Singapore and the Asia Region.

These services include professional consultancy, coaching, IT support, conference, seminars, workshops and resources materials (books, audio/video tapes and etc) for the financial planning services industry.

Our Goal

PSM’s goal is to cultivate a long-term relationship with insurance and financial planners and bring to the next level, services that fulfill the needs of the ever-changing global financial industry. We see ourselves as a global resource network, bringing in overseas expertise to cater to the local financial institutions.


  • To provide outstanding sales and marketing ideas, motivation, coaching for the financial planning industry.
  • To Enhance the Financial Advisers and Insurance Planners productivity as well as their Professionalism.
  • To assist financial advisers and insurance planners in servicing their clients while helping them achieve their financial, security, investment and retirement goals.
  • To provide the financial advisers and insurance planners access to knowledge and expertise
  • To help financial advisers and insurance planners save time and dramatically increase their incomes while enjoying a refocused dedication to family, friends and personal matters.
  • To broaden the consumer understands of financial products and services.
Our products and services include:


  • Sourcing professional motivation speakers (especially in the fields of sales and marketing) for conferences, seminars and workshops
  • In-house coaching programs as well as public workshops
  • Magazines, books and audio/video tapes
  • Consultancy and Advisory services
  • Forming strategic alliances in areas such as publishing and editorial production


PSM Power Series and PSM Master Series are two new series, which serve to complement the professional advice and counsel that readers can obtain from qualified experts, industry legends and top sales professionals

The aim is to provide readers with outstanding sales and marketing ideas, motivation and lessons about the life insurance professional.


PSM has an advisory team for financial planning, sales and coaching purposes.  The team will consist of top sales professionals from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Singapore.  In setting up this advisory panel, PSM aims to provide professional advice, counsel and coaching from qualified experts in person.


PSM will be able to provide a team of qualified coaches and consultants to coach the financial advisers and insurance planners to provide their clients with excellent service and superior performance. We help you add value to your resources and think beyond traditional Estate and Retirement Planning.