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  • 30 Lessons In 30 Years

    Change how you think and transform how you live.

    30 Lessons in 30 Years is a compilation of life-altering philosophies that broaden perspectives and illuminate possibilities. Within the pages, you’ll find your inner compass, take on powerful beliefs, and master proven strategies to achieve a truly meaningful and purposeful life.

    My experiences over the last 30 tears could serve as a personal guide to assist you in making better decisions, avoid pitfalls, and ultimately script your life’s great journey.

  • How To Make Money Tomorrow Morning

    How to Make Money Tomorrow Morning gives Financial Advisers self-confidence and tells them what they must do to achieve that confidence. It won’t be easy, but they can lift themselves as high as they want to go. The book also gives Financial Advisers a track to run on – one so simple that each telephone call is worth $50 regardless of whether they get an appointment. Financial Advisers can create more wealth and more security with a greater degree of certainty than anyone else.